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various docs and changelog fixes

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 - ``install_sudo`` no longer fails if ``aptitude update`` was not called;
 - support for MS Windows on development machine is improved;
 - ``execute_sql`` selects current database by default for non-superuser queries.
+- memcached is no longer installed by default; add
+  ``fab_deploy.system.aptitude_install('memcached')`` to your deploy script
+  if you need memcached.
 This release has command-line interface that is different from 0.7.x branch
 because of moved modules and switch to new-style fabric tasks. It is also
 2. prepare snapshots::
-       ./preparevm "VM_NAME"
+       ./ "VM_NAME"
 3. tests can be run now::


     apache config::
+        Listen{{ PORTS['apache'] }}
         NameVirtualHost{{ PORTS['apache'] }}
         <VirtualHost{{ PORTS['apache'] }}>
         # ...