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Take only 1 extra snapshot for test speed-ups

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 def deep_prepare(name):
     """ Deep VM preparation for test speedups.
     Should only be run if all related tests are passed.
-    It prepares 3 snapshots:
-    * fabtest-prepared-server - basic software is installed
-    * fabtest-prepared-web-server - basic soft + apache + nginx
-    * fabtest-prepared-full-stack - basic soft + apache + nginx + mysql
+    It now prepares an extra snapshot with basic software,
+    apache, nginx and mysql installed.
     env.hosts = ['foo@']
     env.password = '123'
         activate_snapshot(box, 'fabtest-initial')
-        box.snapshot('take', 'fabtest-prepared-server')
-    if not box.snapshot_exists('fabtest-prepared-web-server'):
-        activate_snapshot(box, 'fabtest-prepared-server')
-        box.snapshot('take', 'fabtest-prepared-web-server')
-    if not box.snapshot_exists('fabtest-prepared-full-stack'):
-        activate_snapshot(box, 'fabtest-prepared-web-server')
-        box.snapshot('take', 'fabtest-prepared-full-stack')
+        box.snapshot('take', 'fabtest-prepared-server')
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