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Issue syncdb && migrate on deployment

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File docs/guide.rst

 3. If you feel brave you can now run ``fab full_deploy`` from the project root
    and get a working django site.
-   Necessary system and python packages will be installed, apache and ngnix
-   will be configured, virtualenv will be created and the project will be
-   uploaded to the server.
+   This command:
+   * installs necessary system and python packages
+   * configures apache and ngnix
+   * creates virtualenv
+   * uploads project to the server
+   * runs ``python syncdb`` and ``python migrate`` commands
+     on server
    Project sources will be available under ``~/src/<instance_name>``, virtualenv
    will be placed in ``~/envs/<instance_name>``.

File fab_deploy/

+    syncdb()
+    migrate()
 def make_clone():
     with cd('src'):