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 - requirement for root ssh access is removed: django-fab-deploy is now using
   sudo internally (thanks Vladimir Mihailenco);
+- better support for non-root mysql users, ``mysql_create_user`` and
+  ``mysql_grant_permissions`` commands were added (thanks Vladimir
+  Mihailenco);
 - hgrc is no more required;
+- 'synccompress' management command is no longer called during ``fab up``;
+- ``coverage`` command is disabled;
+- ``nginx_setup`` and ``nginx_install`` are now available in
+  command line by default;
+- ``mysqldump`` no longer requires project dir to be created;
+- home dir for root user is corrected;
 - ``utils.detect_os`` is now failing loudly if detection fails;
-- test running improvements.
+- numerous test running improvements.
 In order to upgrade from previous verions of django-fab-deploy,
 install sudo on server if it was not installed::