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 1. Install django-fab-deploy
-2. Make shure that your project match this structure::
+2. Make sure that your project match this structure::
    web server configs if it is needed. Basic configs are good starting point and
    should work as-is.
-4. Make shure your .hgignore has these lines::
+4. Make sure your .hgignore has these lines::
         syntax: regexp
 7. You should be able to run ``fab full_deploy`` from project root now. Run it.
-   'stage' server will be configured: neccessary system and python packages
+   'stage' server will be configured: necessary system and python packages
    will be installed, apache and ngnix will be configured, virtualenv is
    created and project is on the server. If you want to deploy on prod server,
    run ``fab prod full_deploy``.