theoden  committed cbf7061

+ now correctly creates 'fabtest-prepared-uwsgi' snapshot on Squeeze
* changed way of socket timeout extension for pip
* libmysqlclient-dev now is installed from testing branch on Squeeze

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File fab_deploy/db/

-        system.aptitude_install(' '.join(extra_packages[os]))
+        options = {'squeeze': '-t testing'}
+        system.aptitude_install(' '.join(extra_packages[os]), options.get(os, ''))
     def is_installed(self):

File fab_deploy_tests/

 #!/usr/bin/env python
 import sys
 import os
-import socket
 # always use fab_deploy from the checkout, not the installed version
 # plus make fab_deploy_tests available for imports
 from utils import setup_ssh, setup_sudo, private_key_path
 def _download_pip_requirements():
-    socket.setdefaulttimeout(120)
     DIR = '/tmp/sdist'
     run('mkdir -p %s' % DIR)
     reqs = [
         'port-for == 0.3',
     for req in reqs:
-        run("pip install -d %s '%s'" % (DIR, req))
+        run("pip install --timeout=120 -d %s '%s'" % (DIR, req))
     run('chmod 0777 -R %s' % DIR)