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Mikhail Korobov  committed d2925d2

fab_deploy.utils.detect_os is now aborting execution if detection fails. Fix #18.

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            'inside_project', 'inside_virtualenv', 'inside_src',
            'delete_pyc', 'print_env', 'detect_os']
+OS detection failed. This probably means your OS is not
+supported by django-fab-deploy. If you really know what
+you are doing, set env.conf.OS variable to desired OS
+name in order to bypass this error message.
+If you believe the OS is supported but the detection
+fails or you want get your OS supported, please fire an issue at
 def _codename(distname, version, id):
     patterns = [
         ('lenny', ('debian', '^5', '')),
         return env.conf['OS']
     output = run('python -c "import platform; print platform.dist()"')
     name = _codename(*eval(output))
+    if name is None:
     puts('%s detected' % name)
     return name