Mikhail Korobov committed dcd95f2

mysql installation is fixed

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 from __future__ import with_statement
-from fabric.api import env, run, warn
+from fabric.api import env, run, warn, abort
 from fabric.context_managers import settings, hide
 from fabric.operations import sudo
 from fabric.utils import puts
         os = utils.detect_os()
         if os not in extra_packages:
-            fabric_utils.abort('Your OS (%s) is unsupported now.' % os)
+            abort('Your OS (%s) is unsupported now.' % os)
         passwd = self._get_root_password()
-        system.aptitude_install(extra_packages[os])
+        system.aptitude_install(' '.join(extra_packages[os]))
     def is_installed(self):
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