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update for recent fabric compatibility

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File fab_deploy/

 from __future__ import with_statement
 import posixpath
 from datetime import datetime
-from fabric.api import *
-from fabric.operations import _handle_failure
+from fabric.api import env, run, abort, prompt, warn
+from fabric.context_managers import settings, hide
+from fabric.operations import sudo
 from fabric.utils import puts
 from fab_deploy import utils
 from fab_deploy import system
     _, db_user, db_password = _credentials(None, db_user, db_password)
     if db_user == 'root': # do we really need this?
-        _handle_failure('MySQL root user can not be created')
+        abort('MySQL root user can not be created')
     if _mysql_user_exists(db_user):

File fab_deploy/

 import pprint
 from re import match
 from functools import wraps
-from fabric.api import *
+from fabric.api import env, prefix, cd, abort, warn, puts, run
 from fabric.contrib import files
-from fabric.utils import puts
 from fabric import state
 from fabric import network
-from fabric import operations
 __all__ = ['run_as', 'update_env', 'inside_project', 'inside_virtualenv',
     if config_template is None:
         if skip_unexistent:
-        operations._handle_failure('Config template "%s" is not found' % name)
+        abort('Config template "%s" is not found' % name)
     files.upload_template(config_template, to, env.conf, use_jinja=True,