theoden committed f93488a

+ StaticSite.install_web_servers and WebApp.install_web_servers introduced.
Due to assumption that Project does not know App internals.

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         """ Updates frontend config. """
+    @task_method
+    def install_web_servers(self):
+        """ Install frontend software. """
+        self.frontend.update_config()
 class WebApp(StaticSite):
     __metaclass__ = ABCMeta
         super(WebApp, self).update_web_servers()
+    def install_web_servers(self):
+        """ Installs frontend and backend software. """
+        self.backend.install()
+        super(WebApp, self).install_web_servers()
+    @task_method
     def update_config(self, restart=True):
         """ Updates config of the web application. """


     def install_web_servers(self):
         """ Installs servers for all of the project apps. """
         for app in env.conf.APPS:
-            app.frontend.install()
-            app.backend.install()
+            app.install_web_servers()
     def install_databases(self):
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