Mikhail Korobov avatar Mikhail Korobov committed fe66bf6

Check is django management commands are available. Fix #9.

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 from fab_deploy.deploy import *
 from fab_deploy.virtualenv import pip, pip_install, pip_update
-from fab_deploy.django_commands import migrate, manage, syncdb, compress, test, coverage
+from fab_deploy.django_commands import migrate, manage, syncdb, compress, test, coverage, command_is_available
 from fab_deploy.utils import run_as, update_env, inside_project, inside_virtualenv, delete_pyc, print_env, detect_os
 from fab_deploy.system import create_linux_account, ssh_add_key
 from fab_deploy.crontab import crontab_set, crontab_add, crontab_show, crontab_remove, crontab_update


 #coding: utf-8
 from __future__ import with_statement
-from fabric.api import run, settings, env
+from fabric.api import *
 from fab_deploy.mysql import mysqldump
 from fab_deploy.utils import inside_project
+def command_is_available(command):
+    with settings(hide('warnings', 'running', 'stdout', 'stderr'), warn_only=True):
+        output = run('python manage.py help ' + command)
+    return output.succeeded
 def manage(command):
     """ Runs django management command.
         fab manage:createsuperuser
-    run('python ./manage.py '+ command)
+    if not command_is_available(command):
+        warn('Management command "%s" is not available' % command)
+    else:
+        run('python manage.py '+ command)
 def migrate(params='', do_backup=True):
     """ Runs migrate management command. Database backup is performed
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