django-fab-deploy / fab_deploy_tests / tests /

# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import absolute_import
from fabric.api import run, env, abort
from fabtest import fab, FabricAbortException

from fab_deploy.utils import run_as
from fab_deploy.system import prepare, ssh_add_key
from fab_deploy.project import WebProject
from fab_deploy.django import Django
from fab_deploy.webserver.nginx import Nginx
from fab_deploy.webserver.uwsgi import Uwsgi

from fab_deploy_tests.utils import setup_ssh, public_key_path, setup_sudo
from .base import FabDeployTest

class UwsgiPrepareTest(FabDeployTest):
    def test_prepare_server_ok(self):

        project = WebProject(dict(django=Django(Nginx(), Uwsgi()))).expose_as_module('project')
        apps = project.apps
        fab(apps.django.backend.install, confirm=False)
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