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django-generic-images is a generic images pluggable django app. License: MIT. Author: Mikhail Korobov

This app provides image model (useful managers, methods and fields) that can be attached to any other Django model using generic relations. It also provides admin multi-image uploader (based on GearsUploader, with client-side image resizing, animated progress bar and before-upload image previews.

Requirements: django 1.1 (or trunk).

django-composition ( is required if you want to use ImageCountField or UserImageCountField.

There is an image gallery app (django-photo-albums, based on django-generic-images.


$ pip install django-generic-images


$ easy_install django-generic-images


$ hg clone
$ cd django-generic-images
$ python install

Then add 'generic_images' to your INSTALLED_APPS in and run

$ syncdb

If you want ImageCountField and UserImageCountField then follow installation instructions at to install django-composition.

For admin uploader to work generic_images folder from generic_images/media/ should be copied to project's MEDIA_ROOT.


Please check documentation for usage instructions:

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