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django-generic-images's documentation

django-generic-images is a generic images pluggable django app.

This app provides image model (useful managers, methods and fields)
that can be attached to any other Django model using generic relations.
It also provides admin multi-image uploader (based on
`GearsUploader <http://bitbucket.org/kmike/gearsuploader/>`_ ) with client-side
image resizing, animated progress bar and before-upload image previews.

Requirements: django 1.1 (or trunk).

`django-composition <http://bitbucket.org/daevaorn/django-composition/>`_ is
required if you want to use
:class:`~generic_images.fields.ImageCountField` or

There is an image gallery app
(`django-photo-albums <http://bitbucket.org/kmike/django-photo-albums/>`_)
based on django-generic-images.

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    $ pip install django-generic-images


    $ easy_install django-generic-images


    $ hg clone http://bitbucket.org/kmike/django-generic-images/
    $ cd django-generic-images
    $ python setup.py install

Then add 'generic_images' to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` in settings.py and run ::

    $ manage.py syncdb

If you want ``ImageCountField`` and ``UserImageCountField`` then follow
installation instructions at  http://bitbucket.org/daevaorn/django-composition/
to install django-composition.

For admin uploader to work ``generic_images`` folder from
``generic_images/media/`` should be copied to project's ``MEDIA_ROOT``.


Generic Images

The idea is to provide an infrastructure for images that can be attached
to any django model using generic relations.


.. autoclass:: generic_images.models.AttachedImage

.. autoclass:: generic_images.models.AbstractAttachedImage

.. autoclass:: generic_images.models.BaseImageModel

.. autoclass:: generic_images.models.ReplaceOldImageModel


.. automodule:: generic_images.admin


.. automodule:: generic_images.managers

.. autoclass:: generic_images.managers.AttachedImageManager
    :exclude-members: get_for_model

.. autoclass:: generic_images.managers.ImagesAndUserManager


.. automodule:: generic_images.forms

.. autoclass:: generic_images.forms.AttachedImageForm()

Fields for denormalisation

.. automodule:: generic_images.fields

Context processors

.. automodule:: generic_images.context_processors

Generic Utils

Pluggable app utils
.. automodule:: generic_utils.app_utils


.. autoclass:: generic_utils.models.GenericModelBase

.. autoclass:: generic_utils.models.TrueGenericModelBase

Generic relation helpers

.. automodule:: generic_utils.managers

Template tag helpers

.. automodule:: generic_utils.templatetags

Test helpers

.. automodule:: generic_utils.test_helpers