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tip (unreleased)

  • enforce minimum length of 3 characters for MarkItUp!-inserted h1 and h2 underline-style headers (works around bug in python-markdown). Thanks Daemian Mack for the report.

0.6.1 (2010.07.01)

  • Added markitup set for reST. Thanks Jannis Leidel.
  • fixed reST renderer to not strip initial headline. Thanks Jannis Leidel.
  • prevent mark_safe from mangling Markup objects.

0.6.0 (2010.04.26)

  • remove previously-deprecated markitup_head template tag
  • wrap jQuery usage in anonymous function, to be more robust against other JS framework code on the page (including other jQuerys). Thanks Mikhael Korneev.
  • upgrade to MarkItUp! 1.1.7
  • add render_markup template filter
  • update to jQuery 1.4 and MarkItUp! 1.1.6
  • Add auto_preview option.
  • Ajax preview view now uses RequestContext, and additionally passes MARKITUP_MEDIA_URL into the template context. (Previously, MARKITUP_MEDIA_URL was passed as MEDIA_URL and RequestContext was not used). Backwards-incompatible; may require change to preview template.

0.5.2 (2009.11.24)

  • Fix so tests package is not installed.

0.5.1 (2009.11.18)

  • Added empty file so markitup is properly registered in INSTALLED_APPS. Fixes issue with django-staticfiles tip not finding media.

0.5 (2009.11.12)

  • Added MarkupField from (thanks Mike Korobov)
  • Deprecated markitup_head template tag in favor of markitup_media.
  • Added MARKITUP_MEDIA_URL setting to override base of relative media URL paths.

0.3 (2009.11.04)

  • added template-tag method for applying MarkItUp! editor (inspired by django-wysiwyg)

0.2 (2009.03.18)

  • initial release