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 netcash.forms.NetcashForm can be used to construct the html form. It is
 a helper form for html output and it shouldn't perform any validation.
+Pass all the fields to form 'initial' argument. Form also has an optional
+'user' parameter: it is the User instance the order is purchased by. If
+'user' is specified, 'm_9' (cardholder email address) will be filled
+automatically if it is not passed with 'initial'.
             # 'm_5': 'extra param 2',
             # 'm_6': 'extra param 3',
             # 'm_9': # cardholder email address
-        })
+        }, user=order.user)
         return direct_to_template(request, 'pay_with_netcash.html', {'form': form})
 NetcashForm has a 'target' attribute with Netcash URL.
-Please note that it's up to you to provide Order model with any fields you want
-and to implement your order processing logic. Order handling should be
-performed in ```` signal handler.
+Please note that it's up to you to implement the order processing logic.
+Order handling should be performed in ```` signal handler.
 ```` signal
-This signal is sent when Netcash posts data to Data URL.
+When Netcash posts data to Data URL ```` signal is sent.
+This signal won't be sent for suspicious data (when request is coming from
+untrusted ip or form validation fails).
 Signal subscribers will get an 'order' argument with ``NetcashOrder`` instance.