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Using time_series = weeks fails with a "month must be in 1..12" error in the dateutil parser. It looks like the parser does not accept weeks. Is considering the week number as the month value.



/home/alvaro/ve/dorsalcero/bin/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/dateutil/ in parse raise ValueError("unknown string format") repl = {} for attr in ["year", "month", "day", "hour", "minute", "second", "microsecond"]: value = getattr(res, attr) if value is not None: repl[attr] = value ret = default.replace(**repl) ... if res.weekday is not None and not ret = ret+relativedelta.relativedelta(weekday=res.weekday) if not ignoretz: if isinstance(tzinfos, collections.Callable) or tzinfos and res.tzname in tzinfos: if isinstance(tzinfos, collections.Callable): tzdata = tzinfos(res.tzname, res.tzoffset) ▼ Local vars Variable Value attr
u'microsecond' default datetime.datetime(2012, 6, 25, 0, 0) res _result(year=2012, month=22) self
<dateutil.parser.parser object at 0x7f974d305550> timestr u'2012-22' tzinfos None ignoretz
False repl
{u'month': 22, u'year': 2012} value
None kwargs
{'yearfirst': True} }}}

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