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+0.4.1 (2013-03-07)
+* django 1.5 support (thanks Maxim Syabro).
 0.4 (2012-11-10)
 * ``request.vk_api`` with ``vkontakte.API`` instance (thanks Anton Smirnov);
 #!/usr/bin/env python
 from distutils.core import setup
     license='MIT license',
     description="Django app for developing vk.com (aka vkontakte.ru) iframe applications",
-    long_description = open('README.rst').read() + open('CHANGES.rst').read(),
+    long_description = open('README.rst').read() + "\n\n"+ open('CHANGES.rst').read(),
         'Development Status :: 3 - Alpha',
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