django-vkontakte-iframe / CHANGES.rst


dev (TBA)

  • Improved Safari cookie fix (thanks Domantas Jackūnas);
  • IFrameFixMiddleware works now if user agent is not set.

0.3 (2011-11-28)

  • Auth backend is fixed (thanks Evgeniy Kirov and;
  • improved README;
  • IE fix: P3P policy headers are added (thanks Maxim Syabro for suggestion);
  • Opera and Safari cookies fix (thanks Evgeniy Kirov);
  • alternative OpenAPI authorization (thanks Evgeniy Kirov).

0.2 (2010-10-30)

  • Vkontakte user language is integrated with django i18n. Thanks Vasyl Nakvasiuk.
  • Error with InnoDB fixture loading is fixed.

0.1.1 (2010-10-09)

Bugfix: login was not allowed if user language was unknown. Full vkontakte language list. Thanks Vasyl Nakvasiuk.

0.1 (2010-09-06)

The first release

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