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+1.3 (2010-12-31)
+- Django 1.3 compatibility: test responses are now having 'templates' attribute
+- Django 1.3 compatibility: the way exceptions are handled is changed
+- auto_follow parameter for app.get method (redirect chains will be
+  auto-followed with auto_follow=True)
 1.2.1 (2010-08-24)
 For 500 errors original traceback is shown instead of usual html result
 from handler500.
-You also get the ``response.template`` and ``response.context`` goodness that
+You also get the ``response.templates`` and ``response.context`` goodness that
 is usually only available if you use django's native test client. These
 attributes contain a list of templates that were used to render the response
 and the context used to render these templates. This also means that django's
     if cmd in sys.argv:
         from setuptools import setup
     description = """ Instant integration of Ian Bicking's WebTest
 ( with django's testing framework.""",
-    long_description = open('README.rst').read(),
+    long_description = open('README.rst').read() + open('CHANGES.txt').read(),
     requires = ['webtest'],