Mikhail Korobov committed 514136f

Some tests for extra_environ

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         self.assertEqual(user, self.user)
+class EnvironTest(BaseAuthTest):
+    extra_environ = {'REMOTE_ADDR': ''}
+    def test_extra_environ_reset(self):
+        resp ='/template/index.html', user=self.user)
+        environ = resp.request.environ
+        self.assertEqual(environ['WEBTEST_USER'], 'foo')
+        self.assertEqual(environ['REMOTE_ADDR'], '')
+        resp2 ='/template/index.html')
+        environ = resp2.request.environ
+        self.assertNotIn('WEBTEST_USER', environ)
+        self.assertEqual(environ['REMOTE_ADDR'], '')
+        resp3 ='/template/index.html',
+                             extra_environ={'REMOTE_ADDR': ''})
+        environ = resp3.request.environ
+        self.assertEqual(environ['REMOTE_ADDR'], '')
 class RenewAppTest(BaseAuthTest):
     def test_renew_app(self):
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