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David Winterbottom  committed 7471d02

Add support for Django 1.5's streaming response

Well, by "add support" I mean provide a 'streaming' attribute to the
response class that allows Django's testrunner to not choke when
processing the response. Without this, you get an AttributeError from here:

I think the right fix is in django-webtest rather than in Django itself.

The commit ID in tox.ini for Django 1.5 was 4 months out of date. When
I bumped it to today's latest commit, the tests started failing (hence I
didn't need to write a new failing test).

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File django_webtest/response.py

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 from django.test import Client
 from django.http import SimpleCookie
 class DjangoWebtestResponse(TestResponse):
     WebOb's Response quacking more like django's HttpResponse.
     This is here to make more django's TestCase asserts work,
     not to provide a generally useful proxy.
+    streaming = False
     def status_code(self):
         return self.status_int

File tox.ini

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-    git+https://github.com/django/django.git@fbd4b3a5188d0b488648f1fdd2339e1eac6722a2#egg=django
+    git+https://github.com/django/django.git@64f1a175bd8228493ef600a62cd2f331a17787e6#egg=django