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Fabtest is a set of utilities and base TestCases that aid testing Fabric scripts against VirtualBox VMs. License is MIT.

VM is rolled back to initial state before each test so tests can do anything with target system; Fabric commands can be run from Python.


pip install fabtest


In order to run tests you'll need VirtualBox 4.x and an OS image. Image should have ssh server installed.

Example VMs (they can be imported to VirtualBox via File->Import Appliance):

Due to bugs in VirtualBox it is better to convert imported .vmdk disk images to .vdi images, e.g.:

VBoxManage clonehd Ubuntu-10.10-disk1.vmdk Ubuntu-10.10-disk.vdi --format VDI

Then detach (and remove) vmdk disk from the VM and attach the vdi image.

After you get the image, make sure it is not running and execute the fabtest-preparevm script (pass your VM name or uid to it):

fabtest-preparevm Lenny

This command configures port forwarding ( to guest 22 port, to guest 80 port) and takes 'fabtest-initial' snapshot used for test rollbacks (it is taken from booted machine in order to speedup tests).

Writing tests

Subclass fabtest.VirtualBoxTest or fabtest.FabTest and use fabtest.fab for fabric commands execution:

from fabric.api import run
from fabtest import FabTest, fab

def whoami():
    return run('whoami')

class MyTestCase(FabTest):
    def test_root_login(self):
        output = fab(whoami)
        self.assertEqual(output, 'root')

Look at source code (and example/ for more.

Recent activity

Mikhail Korobov

Commits by Mikhail Korobov were pushed to kmike/fabtest

e9257d6 - It turns out the cause of errors was a recent VirtualBox version, not Windows OS so the fix is changed not to be windows-specific.

Commits by denis were pushed to kmike/fabtest

fbacb26 - Fix for win platform due to bug when VBoxManage unable to execute 'snapshot {{VM_name}} showvminfo {{snapshot_name}}' command while previous VM lauch is still shutdowning. Intersection ...
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