Mikhail Korobov committed 2e366da

update Python extension to match the C library

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 from Cython.Distutils import build_ext
 HATTRIE_DIR = 'hat-trie/src'
-HATTRIE_FILE_NAMES = ['ahtable.c', 'hat-trie.c', 'misc.c', 'superfasthash.c']
+HATTRIE_FILE_NAMES = ['ahtable.c', 'hat-trie.c', 'misc.c', 'murmurhash3.c']
 HATTRIE_FILES = [os.path.join(HATTRIE_DIR, name) for name in HATTRIE_FILE_NAMES]


     ctypedef struct hattrie_iter_t:
-    hattrie_iter_t* hattrie_iter_begin     (hattrie_t*)
+    hattrie_iter_t* hattrie_iter_begin     (hattrie_t*, bint sorted)
     void            hattrie_iter_next      (hattrie_iter_t*)
     bint            hattrie_iter_finished  (hattrie_iter_t*)
     void            hattrie_iter_free      (hattrie_iter_t*)
     def iterkeys(self):
-            hattrie_iter_t* it = hattrie_iter_begin(self._trie)
+            hattrie_iter_t* it = hattrie_iter_begin(self._trie, 0)
             char* c_key
             size_t val
             size_t length
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