Mikhail Korobov avatar Mikhail Korobov committed 45c44de

balance is now float; is_phone_valid no longer raises an exception if phone format is invalid; bump version.

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         Returns current balance.
-        return self._http_get(self.BALANCE_URL, {}).decode('utf8')
+        return float(self._http_get(self.BALANCE_URL, {}).decode('utf8'))
     def is_valid_phone(self, phone):
             code = int(res)
+            if code == -9: # invalid phone format
+                return False
             raise ImobisError(code)
         except ValueError:
             raise ImobisError(res)
     def test_balance(self, urlopen):
         urlopen.return_value.read.return_value = b'100'
-        self.assertEqual(self.im.get_balance(), '100')
+        self.assertEqual(self.im.get_balance(), 100.0)
     def test_is_valid_phone(self, urlopen):
         urlopen.return_value.read.return_value = b'OK'
+    def test_is_valid_phone_error_format(self, urlopen):
+        urlopen.return_value.read.return_value = b'-9'
+        self.assertFalse(self.im.is_valid_phone('1234234234'))
     def test_is_valid_phone_error(self, urlopen):
         urlopen.return_value.read.return_value = b'-10'
     # python3 doesn't need this
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