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Mikhail Korobov  committed 456315d

Python3 fix

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File psd_tools/decoder/tagged_blocks.py

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 from psd_tools.decoder.actions import decode_descriptor
 from psd_tools.utils import read_fmt, read_unicode_string
 from psd_tools.decoder import decoders
+from psd_tools.reader.layers import Block
 _tagged_block_decoders, register = decoders.new_registry()
     Replaces "data" attribute of a block with parsed data structure
     if it is known how to parse it.
-    if not TaggedBlock.is_known(block.key):
+    key = block.key.decode('ascii')
+    if not TaggedBlock.is_known(key):
         warnings.warn("Unknown tagged block (%s)" % block.key)
-    decoder = _tagged_block_decoders.get(block.key, lambda data: data)
-    return block._replace(data = decoder(block.data))
+    decoder = _tagged_block_decoders.get(key, lambda data: data)
+    return Block(key, decoder(block.data))