pymorphy2-dicts =============== This is a package with pre-compiled dictionary data for `pymorphy2`_. .. _pymorphy2: Installation ------------ Install:: $ pip install pymorphy2-dicts Remove:: $ pip uninstall pymorphy2-dicts Usage ----- You can get a path to the installed dataset using ``pymorphy2_dicts.get_path()`` method. Usually you don't have to do so, because if all of the following apply: a) this package is installed; b) dictionary path is not passed to ``pymorphy2.MorphAnalyzer`` constructor; c) ``PYMORPHY2_DICTIONARY_PATH`` environment variable is not set, then ``pymorphy2.MorphAnalyzer()`` uses dictionaries from this package automatically. Development ----------- The main repo is The repository doesn't contain the data itself: only package template and update scripts are stored in VCS. There is a hg/bitbucket mirror at License for Python code in this package is MIT. The data is licensed under `Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike`_. .. _Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike: