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This is a package with pre-compiled dictionary data for pymorphy2.



$ pip install pymorphy2-dicts


$ pip uninstall pymorphy2-dicts


You can get a path to the installed dataset using pymorphy2_dicts.get_path() method. Usually you don't have to do so, because if all of the following apply:

  1. this package is installed;
  2. dictionary path is not passed to pymorphy2.MorphAnalyzer constructor;
  3. PYMORPHY2_DICTIONARY_PATH environment variable is not set,

then pymorphy2.MorphAnalyzer() uses dictionaries from this package automatically.


The main repo is The repository doesn't contain the data itself: only package template and update scripts are stored in VCS.

There is a hg/bitbucket mirror at

License for Python code in this package is MIT. The data is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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