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  2. ruscorpora-tools


ruscorpora-tools / README.rst


This package provides Python interface to a free corpus subset available at http://ruscorpora.ru.


pip install ruscorpora-tools


Obtaining corpora

Download and unpack the archive with XML files from http://www.ruscorpora.ru/corpora-usage.html

Using corpora

ruscorpora.parse_xml function parses single XML file and returns an iterator over sentences; each sentence is a list of ruscorpora.Token instances, annotated with a list of ruscorpora.Annotation instances.

ruscorpora.simplify simplifies a result of ruscorpora.parse_xml by removing ambiguous annotations, joining split tokens and removing accent information.

>>> import ruscorpora as rc
>>> for sent in rc.simplify(rc.parse('fiction.xml')):
...     print(sent)


Development happens at github and bitbucket:

The issue tracker is at github: https://github.com/kmike/ruscorpora-tools/issues

Feel free to submit ideas, bugs, pull requests (git or hg) or regular patches.

Running tests

Make sure tox is installed and run

$ tox

from the source checkout. Tests should pass under python 2.6..3.3 and pypy > 1.8.