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Sphinx development

Sphinx is a maintained by a group of volunteers. We value every contribution!


The sphinx-contrib repository contains many contributed extensions. Some of them have their own releases on PyPI, others you can install from a checkout.

This is the current list of contributed extensions in that repository:

  • aafig: render embeded ASCII art as nice images using aafigure.
  • actdiag: embed activity diagrams by using actdiag
  • adadomain: an extension for Ada support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
  • ansi: parse ANSI color sequences inside documents
  • autorun: Execute code in a runblock directive.
  • blockdiag: embed block diagrams by using blockdiag
  • cheeseshop: easily link to PyPI packages
  • clearquest: create tables from ClearQuest queries.
  • coffeedomain: a domain for (auto)documenting CoffeeScript source code.
  • context: a builder for ConTeXt.
  • doxylink: Link to external Doxygen-generated HTML documentation
  • email: obfuscate email addresses
  • erlangdomain: an extension for Erlang support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
  • exceltable: embed Excel spreadsheets into documents using exceltable
  • feed: an extension for creating syndication feeds and time-based overviews from your site content
  • gnuplot: produces images using gnuplot language.
  • googleanalytics: track html visitors statistics
  • googlechart: embed charts by using Google Chart
  • googlemaps: embed maps by using Google Maps
  • httpdomain: a domain for documenting RESTful HTTP APIs.
  • hyphenator: client-side hyphenation of HTML using hyphenator
  • lilypond: an extension inserting music scripts from Lilypond in PNG format.
  • mscgen: embed mscgen-formatted MSC (Message Sequence Chart)s.
  • nicoviceo: embed videos from nicovideo
  • nwdiag: embed network diagrams by using nwdiag
  • omegat: support tools to collaborate with OmegaT (Sphinx 1.1 needed)
  • osaka: convert standard Japanese doc to Osaka dialect (it is joke extension)
  • paverutils: an alternate integration of Sphinx with Paver.
  • phpdomain: an extension for PHP support
  • plantuml: embed UML diagram by using PlantUML
  • rawfiles: copy raw files, like a CNAME.
  • requirements: declare requirements wherever you need (e.g. in test docstrings), mark statuses and collect them in a single list
  • rubydomain: an extension for Ruby support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
  • sadisplay: display SqlAlchemy model sadisplay
  • sdedit: an extension inserting sequence diagram by using Quick Sequence. Diagram Editor (sdedit)
  • seqdiag: embed sequence diagrams by using seqdiag
  • slide: embed presentation slides on slideshare and other sites.
  • swf: embed flash files
  • sword: an extension inserting Bible verses from Sword.
  • tikz: draw pictures with the TikZ/PGF LaTeX package.
  • traclinks: create TracLinks to a Trac instance from within Sphinx
  • whooshindex: whoosh indexer extension
  • youtube: embed videos from YouTube
  • zopeext: provide an autointerface directive for using Zope interfaces.

See the :ref:`extension tutorial <exttut>` on getting started with writing your own extensions.