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text-unidecode is the most basic port of the
`Text::Unidecode <>`_
Perl library.

There are other Python ports of Text::Unidecode (unidecode_
and isounidecode_). unidecode_ is GPL; isounidecode_ doesn't support
Python 3 and uses too much memory.

This port is licensed under `Artistic License`_ and supports both
Python 2.x and 3.x. If you're OK with GPL, use unidecode_ (it has
better memory usage and better transliteration quality).

.. _unidecode:
.. _isounidecode:
.. _Artistic License:



    pip install text-unidecode



    >>> from text_unidecode import unidecode
    >>> unidecode(u'какой-то текст')
    u'kakoi-to tiekst'