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Mikhail Korobov
repo owner created an issue

This app is unusable for desktop apps now because signature methods are different for server apps and desktop apps. But it won't be hard to make it compatible with desktop apps api.

Current state:

  1. The auth for desktop apps is not implemented. It won't be hard though. You don't need to use something like UIWebView (as stated here: http://vkontakte.ru/developers.php?o=-1&p=Авторизация+Desktop-приложений), this can be implemented just with urllib2 as I can see.

  2. The request method from 'vkontakte' module can be reused. It is the same for desktop and server apps.

  3. The signature method should be slightly changed: it needs to support optional 'mid' parameter that prepends string to be hashed.

Sorry, I don't write desktop apps and don't have much time now so patches are welcome!

The auth part doesn't necessary belong to this module but I think it can be included.

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