1. knarf
  2. qwop


Pathetic attempt at making a qwop [1] clone. Made with love2d [2].


1. Love2d

Love2D is available for Windows and most unix clone (mac osx, linux, etc).
For windows there's even a standalone zip (no installer).

2. Qwop

Get the script as a zip file [3], unzip it and drag-and-drop the
resulting folder on the Love2D exe. Enjoy.

On *nix, this should work (once love2d is installed)

$ wget -O - https://bitbucket.org/knarf/qwop/get/tip.tar.gz | tar xzv && love knarf-qwop-tip

1: http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html
2: http://love2d.org
3: https://bitbucket.org/knarf/qwop/get/tip.zip