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realdebrid is a command line utility for the website realdebrid.com


To change the default login/pw edit this line in the realdebrid script:

    our ($USER, $PWD) = ('foobar', 'WEUTCSFJIB'); # logins

Alternatively, you can use the realdebrid `-u user -p pwd` switch.


You will need perl and the following modules:
* Crypt::SSLeay for HTTPS authentification

Via your package manager, look for:
* perl-libwww
* perl-crypt-ssleay

Alternatively, with cpan:
# cpan -i LWP Crypt::SSLeay

Usage examples

# debrid & download every links in url_file with wget
$ ./realdebrid -u user -p pwd url_file | wget -i

# debrid & download url1 and url2 with aria2c using 5 connections
$ ./realdebrid url1 url2 | aria2c -x 5 -i -