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stdin2midi is a command-line [JACK client]( that:

* connect to JACK
* open an ouput port
* reads midi values on the standard input and send them on its output
* close its port and exit on EOF.

In order to build stdin2mdi you need JACK and JACK header files.

Edit to match your local setup.

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install (if
necessary as root):

    make clean install

Input format
* input is pure ascii
* each midi event is composed of 3 bytes

To send a midi event, just print (in decimal) 3 numbers separated by
spaces and a newline. That's it. For more information about what
value to use, read this [pretty simple and good midi

This example creates a named pipe, use it as input for stdin2jack and
send a random event indefinitely.

    $ mkfifo in
    $ stdin2jack < in &
    [connect output port where you want using qmidiroute or whatever]
    $ while true; do echo 164 42 42; sleep 1; done > in

stdin2midi is under the ISC license. See LICENSE for more detail.

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