Hipchat + Bamboo

Bamboo Hipchat Plugin

This plugin integrates Bamboo with Hipchat.

It allows any Bamboo notification to be posted to a specific Hipchat room - with or without notifying the users in that room.

This plugin allows you to take advantage of Bamboo's:

  • flexible notification system (ie tell me when this build fails more than 5 times!)
  • commenting (comments show up in the chatroom so everyone can see someone's working on the build)

with Hipchat's:

  • persistent history (join the chatroom, see recent builds),
  • ease of creating chat rooms (create rooms for specific builds or high priority failures to tune out noise),
  • mobile clients (get vibrating notifications on your iPhone when messages appear in certain rooms)

Desktop Client screenshot:

Desktop Client Screenshot

iPhone Client screenshot:

iPhone Client Screenshot

Notifications Supported

  • Build successful
  • Build failed
  • Build commented
  • Job hung
  • Job queue timeout


  1. Go to the Notifications tab of the Configure Plan screen.
  2. Choose a Recipient Type of Hipchat Recipient Type
  3. Configure your Hipchat API token, Room Name (to post message to) and check the Notify box if you want Hipchat to notify everyone in the room (by bouncing the dock icon on OSX, vibrate on iPhone etc). Recipient Config
  4. You're done! Go and get building. Screenshot

Feedback? Questions?

Twitter: Mike Cannon-Brookes or mike@atlassian.com.

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