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Issue Example App

Provides a standalone Node JS app that can be integrated with JIRA using plugins 3. It provides OAuth validation so that Atlassian apps can make authenticated requests to the node app. Admins can approve OAuth consumers (via /oauth/approve) to be allowed to make requests. After this the validator sets a certified cookie that will be used for future requests.

To run this app get the source. Then:

  1. npm install
  2. node app

You can then access the app on http://localhost:3000/. There are a number of environment variables that should be set for this app to function correctly:

  • ATL_COOKIE_SECRET - secret used to encrypt cookies
  • ATL_ADMIN_USER - admin user name to log in to the admin section of this app
  • ATL_ADMIN_PASSWORD - admin password to log in to the admin section of this app