FAS Library

FAS is project dedicated to studying automation of scientific modelling.
Specifically tying together several topics including:

-- Automated generation of discrete problems
-- Incorporation of non-linear direct solvers with problems


Currently to run the example problems, located in the fas/problems directory
you need to have several libraries installed.

* FIAT (obtainable from http://www.fenics.com/hg/FIAT)

Next you need to put the toplevel directory in your PYTHONPATH environment
variable.  For bash users reading this README in that directory it looks
something like:

aterrel:~/fas $ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$PWD


To run the problems in fas/problems directory, you can run each directly in
PYTHON.  For example running the Stokes problem:

aterrel:~/fas/fas/problem$ python Stokes.py