Anonymous committed c506363

Add support for new "team" /account/info parameter

ALTER TABLE "main"."dropbox_attrib" ADD COLUMN "team/name" TEXT;

The code is currently brittle in the face of unknown parameters: it tries
to convert them into columns to SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE in the database
and fails miserably. Here we add the new "team" parameter (which is a
compound type consisting just of "name") so that the egg continues to work.

Ideally we would refactor things such that unknown parameters are ignored.
This would assume that the parameters used for the primary key material
would never change.

Signed-off-by: Andy Bennett <>

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 		     (quota_info/shared . ,(alist-ref 'shared v))
 		     (quota_info/quota  . ,(alist-ref 'quota  v)))
+	  ((team)
+	   (append `((team/name . ,(alist-ref 'name v eqv? 'null)))
+		   state))
 	    (cons `(,k . ,v) state)))))
   `(select (columns (col ,(account-info-table)
 			 referral_link display_name uid country
 			 quota_info/normal quota_info/shared quota_info/quota
+			 team/name
 			 email cursor
 			 account-info-last-modified account-info-last-complete
 			 metadata-cache-last-modified metadata-cache-last-complete