rest-bind / rest-bind.meta

 ; Your egg's license:
 (license "BSD")

 ; Pick one from the list of categories (see below) for your egg and enter it
 ; here.
 (category web)

 ; A list of eggs rest-bind depends on.  If none, you can omit this declaration
 ; altogether. `depends' is an alias to `needs'.
 ; Notice that you should NOT put Chicken units (e.g., srfi-1, srfi-13
 ; and many others) in `needs' or in `depends'.
 ;(needs nothing)
 (needs intarweb uri-common)

 ; A list of eggs required for TESTING ONLY.  See the `Tests' section.
 ; Just like `needs' and `depends', `test-depends' should NOT contain
 ; Chicken units.
 (test-depends test)

 (author "Andy Bennett <>")
 (synopsis "Generates wrappers to REST-like HTTP APIs."))
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