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Important notice!!

This project has been moved to GitHub: This repository will not be updated anymore.

Konamiman's MSX software repository

This is a compilation of all the MSX software that I have been developing since the mid-90s and have survived the successive diskette-to-ZIP disk-to-hard disk-to-CF card-to-SD card migrations. It contains (or rather, will contain) the sources for all the software available at my MSX page, plus some previously unpublished sources (such as the ones for NestorBASIC).

While the newest sources have the code comments and identifiers in English, the oldest ones have them in Spanish. I'm sorry but I don't have the time to start translating it all, any contribution in this regard will be welcome.

Most of the source code in this repository is in Z80 assembler. These files are intended to be assembled with Compass, other assemblers will probably not understand the macro syntax.

The source code for Nextor is not published since it is based in the original MSX-DOS 2.31 source code and I dont know what is the current legal status of this code nor who should I ask about that. Any clue will be highly welcome.

The MSX.sln file is just a Visual Studio solution that opens the whole repository as a web site, I use it to easily browse and manage the files locally. You can just ignore this file if you want.

If you have something to say, head to the discussion site!

Oh, and last but not least: if you like these rusty pieces of code please consider donating! My kids need moar shoes!