Daniel Roberts committed 56dc2fe

We now make it through rtyping, and rlib/test/ passes.

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     def rtype_simple_call(self, hop):
         [v] = hop.inputargs(self)
         v = hop.genop('jit_force_virtual', [v], resulttype = OBJECT)
-        #RESULTTYPE, ptr
         return hop.genop('oodowncast', [v], resulttype = hop.r_result)
     def convert_const(self, value):
                 r_green = hop.args_r[i]
                 v_green = hop.inputarg(r_green, arg=i)
-                if == 'ootypesystem':
-                    py.test.skip("lltype only")
+                #if == 'ootypesystem':
+                    #py.test.skip("lltype only")
                 objname, fieldname = name.split('.')   # see test_green_field
                 assert objname in driver.reds
                 i = kwds_i['i_' + objname]
                         "field %r not found in %r" % (name,
                     r_red = r_red.rbase
-                GTYPE = r_red.lowleveltype.TO
+                if == 'ootypesystem':
+                    GTYPE = r_red.lowleveltype
+                else:
+                    GTYPE = r_red.lowleveltype.TO
                 assert GTYPE._immutable_field(mangled_name), (
                     "field %r must be declared as immutable" % name)
                 if not hasattr(driver, 'll_greenfields'):
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