README for php_license_verify

Client (Initialize) ->
	Server (Accept, generate token) ->
		Client (Take token, return hash) ->
			Server (Returns Yes/No) ->
				Client (Acts on return value)


	MySQL file. Use this.

	-add.php & add.tmp.php (& future client_generate.php)
	Add accounts/licenses to the server. Generate client license script.

	-postarray.php [DEPRECATED] [REFERENCE]
	Original server auth file. I actually don't think this is valid anymore. It was used before any sort of server authentication was made (IE, only client->server->client, bad idea)

	-first.php (& future second.php) (Combine these two? Would probably be a good idea.)
	First responds with a value, client responds with a hash. Seconds evaluates that hash, to see if it matches, then responds with answer.

	You can go through and change what you'd like to match your needs, but the server side scripts will create everything manually.

	config.php & test.php
	I don't remember how these work right now, and they're terribly named. I'll figure that out later.
	I'll probably have to acutally redo them, too.

I really haven't worked on this in a long while.

Hg and Bitbucket are bugging me.