Konstantin Lopuhin avatar Konstantin Lopuhin committed 8339f55

fix errors when running without statprof log

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         if not all:
             loops = loops[:CUTOFF]
         jit_percentage = self.storage.jit_ratio * 100.0 \
-                if self.storage.jit_ratio else None
+                if hasattr(self.storage, 'jit_ratio') else None
         qt_workaround = ('Qt/4.7.2' in flask.request.user_agent.string)
         return flask.render_template(
                 'index.html', loops=loops,
     # FIXME - filename
     statprof_filename = os.path.join(
             os.path.dirname(filename), 'statprof.log')
+    jit_ratio = None
     if os.path.exists(statprof_filename):
         jit_ratio = parse_statprof_log(statprof_filename, loops) 
     storage.loops = [loop for loop in loops
                      if not loop.descr.startswith('bridge')]
     storage.loop_dict = create_loop_dict(loops)
-    storage.jit_ratio = jit_ratio
+    if jit_ratio is not None:
+        storage.jit_ratio = jit_ratio
     app = OverrideFlask('_jitviewer')
     server = Server(filename, storage)
     app.debug = True
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