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     A list of lines can be specified using the `hl_lines` option to make these
     lines highlighted (as of Pygments 0.11).
+    You can also visuale line profiling information with a heatmap using
+    `heatmap` option.
     With the `full` option, a complete HTML 4 document is output, including
     the style definitions inside a ``<style>`` tag, or in a separate file if
     the `cssfile` option is given.
         Specify a list of lines to be highlighted.  *New in Pygments 0.11.*
-        TODO
+        Specify percentage of time spent in lines of included code,
+        to get a heatmap display with percentage number on the right.
+        Useful for visualizing profiling information from
+        statprof/lineprof/etc.
+        First goes the line where the function starts, and then 
+        a list of line:percentage paris::
+            30 32:40.83 30:11.73 31:8.19
         The line number for the first line (default: ``1``).