Hakan Ardo committed 6b229fd

rename boxes surviving the retraced preamble in a new position of the inputargs to allow us to replace the full preamble with the short preamble and only keep around the preamble of the initial trace

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                               [ResOperation(rop.JUMP, original_target_token.exported_state.jump_args,
                                             None, descr=loop_jitcell_token)]
-            optimize_trace(metainterp_sd, preamble, jitdriver_sd.warmstate.enable_opts)
+            optimize_trace(metainterp_sd, preamble, jitdriver_sd.warmstate.enable_opts, retraced_preamble=True)
         except InvalidLoop:
             assert False


     return optimizations, unroll
-def optimize_trace(metainterp_sd, loop, enable_opts, inline_short_preamble=True):
+def optimize_trace(metainterp_sd, loop, enable_opts, inline_short_preamble=True, retraced_preamble=False):
     """Optimize loop.operations to remove internal overheadish operations.
         optimizations, unroll = build_opt_chain(metainterp_sd, enable_opts)
         if unroll:
-            optimize_unroll(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations, inline_short_preamble)
+            optimize_unroll(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations, inline_short_preamble, retraced_preamble)
             optimizer = Optimizer(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations)


 # FIXME: Introduce some VirtualOptimizer super class instead
-def optimize_unroll(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations, inline_short_preamble=True):
+def optimize_unroll(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations, inline_short_preamble=True, retraced_preamble=False):
     opt = UnrollOptimizer(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations)
     opt.inline_short_preamble = inline_short_preamble
+    opt.retraced_preamble = retraced_preamble
 class UnrollableOptimizer(Optimizer):
+        if self.retraced_preamble:
+            self.rename_sruviving_boxes(start_label, stop_label)
         loop.operations = self.optimizer.get_newoperations()
+    def rename_sruviving_boxes(self, start, stop):
+        assert start.getdescr().targeting_jitcell_token is not stop.getdescr().targeting_jitcell_token
+        assert start.numargs() == stop.numargs()
+        start_args = {}
+        for a in start.getarglist():
+            start_args[a] = True
+        for i in range(start.numargs()):
+            arg = stop.getarg(i)
+            if arg is not start.getarg(i) and arg in start_args:
+                newarg = arg.clonebox()
+                op = ResOperation(rop.SAME_AS, [arg], newarg)
+                self.optimizer.send_extra_operation(op)
+                stop.setarg(i, newarg)
     def jump_to_start_label(self, start_label, stop_label):
         if not start_label or not stop_label:
             return False
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