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Amaury Forgeot d'Arc  committed f5eb386

_posixsubprocess seems to translate and work correctly

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File pypy/config/pypyoption.py

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      "thread", "itertools", "pyexpat", "_ssl", "cpyext", "array",
      "_bisect", "binascii", "_multiprocessing", '_warnings',
      "_collections", "_multibytecodec", "_ffi",
-     "_continuation", "_csv"] #, "micronumpy", "_cffi_backend"]
+     "_continuation", "_csv", # "micronumpy", "_cffi_backend",
+     "_posixsubprocess",
+     ]
 # Here is the list of modules known to not work yet
     del working_modules["pwd"]
     del working_modules["termios"]
     del working_modules["_minimal_curses"]
+    del working_modules["_posixsubprocess"]
     # The _locale module is needed by site.py on Windows
     default_modules["_locale"] = None