Meikel  Brandmeyer avatar Meikel Brandmeyer committed 0b3cc83

Sort all entries

* cljtags.clj (-main): iterate all given namespace in go. This
is necessary because the entries for the tags file have to be
sorted in lexicographical order.

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     (with-open [w (writer (File. output))]
       (binding [*out* w]
-        (doseq [a-ns (map symbol namespaces)]
-          (require a-ns)
-          (let [vs (map (comp meta second) (ns-interns a-ns))
+        (let [namespaces (map symbol namespaces)]
+          (doseq [n namespaces] (require n))
+          (let [vs (map (comp meta second)
+                        (sort-by first (mapcat ns-interns namespaces)))
                 vs (filter #(contains? % :file) vs)
                 vs (map #(get-definition-position prefix %) vs)]
             (doseq [v vs]
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