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File src/de/kotka/cljtags.clj

   (.replace n \- \_))
 (defn- namespace->directory
+  "Translate a namespace to the corresponding directory."
   (-> n mangle-name (.replace \. File/separatorChar)))
 (defn- get-definition-position
+  "Extract the namespace, file and line information from the passed
+  Var. Return a triple of name, file and line number."
   [p m]
   (let [nspath (-> m :ns ns-name name namespace->directory)
         sl-pos (.lastIndexOf nspath (int File/separatorChar))
 (defn -main
+  "Walk the given namespaces and generate a tags file containing
+  all tags for the given namespaces."
   [& args]
   (with-command-line args
     "cljtags -- Generate tags for Clojure sources"