Meikel Brandmeyer committed 15a79f7

Rename clojuresque configuration to development

The clojuresque configuration remains valid by extending from development.
But will be deprecated for future releases and will eventually vanish.

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             File destDir = task.destinationDir
             FileTree source = task.source
             FileCollection cp = task.classpath
-            FileCollection clojuresque = task.project.configurations['clojuresque']
+            FileCollection devDeps = task.project.configurations['development']
             Map args = [
                 classname:    'clojuresque.ClojureCompile',
                     pathelement(location: it)
-                clojuresque.each {
+                devDeps.each {
                     logger.debug("Add {} to Ant classpath!", it)
                     pathelement(location: it)


             clojuresque {
                 transitive = false
                 visible = false
-                description = "Dependency on the Clojuresque compiler"
+                description = "Deprecated: Please use the development configuration"
+            }
+            development {
+                transitive = false
+                visible = false
+                description = "Development only dependencies"
+                extendsFrom clojuresque
         project.dependencies {
-            clojuresque 'clojuresque:clojuresque:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT'
+            development 'clojuresque:clojuresque:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT'
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